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Blue Horizon

Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful Beaches of St. Barths

April 8-15, 2011

Charlie and I have been exploring the various beaches of St. Barths. We took a cab to the Saline Beach called such as it is near the salt ponds which they still operate. The cab ride cost 50 Euros, but it was way out in nowhere. The cab dropped us off and we walked about 5 more minutes up a rocky trail to a beautiful uncrowded beach with very fine white sand. We set up our umbrella and walked along the beach which is very wide. I did not get good picture of its expanse because the wind blew the fine sand everywhere. Most of the beaches are clothing optional on some section of them. Ladies with bare tops don't seem to count and are very common here.

Our next beach was only about a 5-7 minute walk from the Port of Gustavia to the Shell beach as it is made almost entirely of shells. A restaurant there called Do Brazil lets you use their chairs and umbrellas for 10E a piece. They serve drinks and food. Due to the closeness to Gustavia, this beach was quite crowded.

After spending a rainy day in Guatavia, we were ready to explore more beaches.

Next we went to the Beach at Colombier. We sailed to it and used one of the many mooring balls provided. many boats were in the bay. The Rockefellers built a house on the hill with stone walls and a stone dock. some visitors walked over from Flamands, about a 30 minute hike. The beach was great and there were some persons snorkling. I didn't seem to find a good place to snorkle though I did see some angelfish. We took the hike up the hill to see the waves crashing on the other side and walked until we could see the see Flamands beach. there were lovely wild flowers along the path

including angel lilies. (see picture) We spent the night in the cove.

The next morning (Thursday)we went further around St. Barths to the Baie of St. Jean which is by the airport. The beach is huge wrapping more than 180 degrees. We anchored in the bay and went ashore in our dinghy. there are manyhotels in the area so the beach was quite crowded and also had beach bars and restaurants. There are also lovely shops, but 100 E for a man's swimsuit is a bit steep! A band was playing at one of the beach restaurants that evening so we took the dinghy back

in, pulled it up onto the beach, had dinner and enjoyed the music. We could have spent more
time enjoying the various places along this beach.

Friday morning found us returning to Gustavia where we picked up some mail sent from South Carolina. We also needed to get online to check our e-mail since we had not been able to access it for several days.

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